Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mitchell's Fish Market

Mitchell's Fish Market is known for their upscale seafood, but their Happy Hour specials are a very good catch too!!!!


Love it, one of our favorites!  


We did have to wait a bit longer than expected to receive our initial service, but once our drink order was finally taken, the service was great; very friendly too!


Spicy Asian Shrimp - extra spicy - one of the best!
Spinach Artichoke Dip - needed to be a little hotter, but very flavorful!
Both items were delicious!!!    


House Merlot - nice taste and we were both happy with the generous serving per glass.


$5/Wine and $5/Selected Appetizers

Happy "Hour" 

Daily 4-7 pm

Mitchell's Fish Market
Seafood Resaurant & Bar
17600 Haggery Road
Livonia, MI  48152

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ready or Not!!!! 🍷

Are you tired of going to the same place for "Happy Hour", but don't have time to look for a better option?  If so, we are here to help.

It started with two friends, a blonde (Nancy) and a redhead (Debi), who began a weekly quest for drinks, good food and chit-chat. These two intrepid adventurers soon gained some unique insights into the world of "Happy Hour Heaven".  

Our mission is to continue that search for the ultimate Happy Hour experience; one that includes value and quality in a fun atmosphere.  We are now ready to share our findings with like-minded persons such as you. 

Will you join in our crusade?  Will you be strong and stand with us?  Somewhere beyond the local bars there's a "Happy Hour World" we long to be.